Hospital Staff

Elvin Elvin Alvarado joined the team at Urban Vets Animal Hospital in October 2012, but he's been employed in animal-related positions for over 23 years. Elvin works as a veterinary technician, a receptionist, and a manager at Urban Vets; in short, he says, he's responsible for a little of just about everything. He enjoys the variety his position provides him, but his favorite part of the job is simply helping the hospital's clients and their pets.

"The best feeling is when a pet's not doing well, and we can provide treatment and return the pet back to their owners feeling happy and healthy again," Elvin says. "That's when me and my staff know we've made a difference, and that's what makes me loyal to what I do."

When he's not at our animal hospital, Elvin enjoys spending time with his family, riding his bike, taking walks, and playing handball. He's the pet parent to a Turtle named Fluffly.

Jessica Veterinary assistant Jessica Eileen Quinones is responsible for cleaning cages and the hospital, prepping for surgeries, assisting our hospital's veterinarian in appointments, and sterilizing equipment. She became a member of the Urban Vets Animal Hospital staff in September of 2013, and since coming on board she's never lacked for new things to learn. "There's a new challenge almost every day here," Jessica says. "And that's the part I like the best about working here: I'm never bored."

At home, Jessica cares for two domestic short-haired cats: Yuki and Tiger. In her free time she enjoys drawing, reading, going for walks, playing basketball, water gun games, swimming, and visiting museums.

Yolanda Lebron has worked as a receptionist with Urban Vets Animal Hospital since March of 2015. Her job responsibilities include answering the phone, making appointments, greeting clients, cashing out, and filing records, reports, and insurance forms. Her favorite part of her position is getting to know clients and their wide variety of pets. "I just love having the opportunity to work with animals every day," Yolanda says.

In her free time, she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family, as well as going to movies, sporting events, concerts, and amusement parks. Yolanda also has two cats.