Diagnostic Services

diagnostic services


X-rays are very useful in diagnosing medical problems. If your veterinarian detects a lump or mass on your pet, an x-ray can pinpoint the problem inside the body. Similarly, an x-ray can detect foreign bodies or other masses that might be inside your pet's stomach. An x-ray can reveal serious medical problems or help a veterinarian decide whether or not major surgery is necessary.

Urban Vets has an on-site x-ray suite for dogs, cats and exotic pets, a comfortable, safe environment for your pet. Because x-raying pets is more difficult than x-raying humans, your pet may be given an anesthetic in order to sedate him or her.


Ultrasound machine

While x-rays can indicate a medical problem, they are not always exact. In such cases, an ultrasound may be necessary. During an ultrasound, high-frequency sound-waves are directed into the body and bounce off the organs, creating a computer image of the inside of the body. An ultrasound allows your veterinarian to see things that can't be seen on x-rays.

At Urban Vet, ultrasounds are interpreted by a board-certified ultrasound specialist, ensuring that your pet's ultrasound will be examined by an expert in the field.


An endoscopy allows our veterinarians to look inside your pet using a series of small cameras attached to a flexible tube. This lets the doctor look inside a body cavity or organ and diagnose a problem without being invasive. An endoscopy allows biopsies, cultures and removing foreign objects from the lungs, stomachs or intestines. Endoscopies are less stressful than standard surgery and allow for a quicker recovery time for your pet.


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